Saturday, July 17, 2010

Be my love

Today, I have no commitments, except my own lazy list. No projects. Nothing with a due date.
Most importantly -

no place to be.

This is something I need for sanity and health. I love adventures and activities, whirlwind and laughter and exploring. But between work and play rehearsal and weekend commitments, this is the first day I've had in a long time with just - no thing. Which is good. Because I start to get (irrationally) resentful if I don't make the space and time to breathe and be and stop for awhile.


Currently obsessed with:

This movie. Which is strange and beautiful and I love it. It's full of gorgeous details, and the acting is all awkward pauses and real, and the cinematography is secret and lovely and mysterious. And it's about a pillar of the English lit. canon, which means I have to watch it.

Walking. Which I have not been getting enough of as it's ridiculously hot and every time I make to go work out my mother yells, "The heat index is 101 today!" so I am confined to jogging in place while watching Gilmore Girls. But today I have allll day, which means the morning and the evening, and I'm gonna get in a walk, a good one.

State Fair. Our community theatre play is a GREAT community theatre, is a GREAT, is a GREAT, is a great community theatre! I have Rodgers and Hammerstein on a constant loop in my head. I have put together pretty 1940s costumes. I wear character shoes almost every night. I get to sing and act (and dance, Lord help us). And what makes it all so wonderful is that I really like the people I get to see at rehearsal every night, because they are fun and wonderful and talented and did I say fun. And I'm so thrilled about being in community theatre again I can hardly stop smiling. Come see show, July 30 &31, Aug. 1, 6, 7, 8!!! Call 205-699-3902 for reservations.

This band. Over the Rhine. And when I say obsessed, do I ever mean obsessed. They sing the songs I want at my wedding. They sing the songs that paint my life. And they have red in nearly all their publicity photos. This is meant to be.

I was born to laugh
I learned to laugh
through my tears.

I was born to love,
I'm gonna learn to love
without fear.