Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lecture day; or, not that kind of doctor

So. I taught my first class today. I had two fears going in:
1) that I would talk for five minutes and be done
2) that I would be unbearably boring

The first, at least, was foundless. We had a good forty minute class discussion/lecture. And I didn't have to worry about the second because the people in that class are so smart and with it, they wouldn't stop spouting great stuff.

This teaching thing?

I think I like it.

Ok. I know I like it.

Which is a huge relief. Because if I didn't like it, or if I didn't do an acceptable job, then my plans for next year were going to disappear with a tiny poof and some pink smoke, and I was going to start thinking about being a librarian in Kansas.

Yes, teaching is fun. So . . . I think I'm gonna be a professor. If I can do ok on the GRE (three weeks) and get into a decent grad school. This brings up questions. Like, I still want babies. And if I have babies, I want them to stay with me, not in a germy daycare. Of course, teaching is a lot more flexible than, say, working for corporate America. Like my chemistry teacher. She has a doctorate from Rice and five kids. It can be done. And this is quite a ways in the future and a man has to show up first anyway and I'm not seeing anything happening on that front anytime soon so why don't I just concentrate on taking this dingdang test and writing my "Why You Should Let Me in to Your School" essay?

Yes, let's do that.

As for the rain, I've done enough complaining. How 'bout the lovely and fascinating bright red mushrooms that the monsoon has brought up from the earth? They look like the pretty domed mushrooms in those books about elves and fairies.

Fall break this weekend. Yes, it is too soon. Samford's schedule mystifies me. Usually this is the weekend that everyone stays at school and studies so that they won't have to work during fall break. Not this year. But we are going to Rugby which will be wonderful rain, shine, or snow, and I am planning to sleep and read and sleep some more. I nearly fell asleep while I was walking today, yes, actually moving. I closed my eyes and thought how wonderful it felt and then sort of jerked back to the fact that I was still trudging along the sidewalk. Sigh.

And after fall break: Depression-Era Party!!! Title: 'Scuse Me for Livin'. Bring your guitar and overalls. Soup and bread lines provided. Friday, Oct. 2. Co-hostess: Carrie. Location: Carrie's house. If you're reading this blog you're invited (anonymous creepers excluded), so contact me for details!

We're having banana pudding and checkers. Y'all come.

Friday, September 18, 2009

So good to be home

I haven't written for a while. Every time I've looked at this here blog over the past weeks, all my life-blood would drain out my fingertips and I'd shrivel up and dry out. 

At least, that's what it felt like. 

Basically, I didn't have the energy or will, which is very strange for me. I mean, narration is the way I cope with life. Oh, I've had excuses. Like Sorority Rush (very life blood draining) and schoolwork and a commitment every dadgum minute of the day. The stress lump in my chest has been a constant. My life feels like a train I was supposed to catch, and now I'm running after it trying to jump on. 

But now, suddenly, on this wet Friday when I am skipping the only class of the day so I can put a dent in my schoolwork - I am not working out or reading 15th century Spanish literature or any of the other things I should be doing. I am still in my pajamas, draining the last bit of my half-caf coffee (see below), enjoying the lamplight and my fuzzy blanket. 

Maybe the cozy feeling is left over from last night. We had a reunion of the legendary Folklore class at Dr. Brown's lovely home. His sweet wife put out quite a spread and we all sat around the table and talked and laughed and reminisced and then we went into the living room and J.Brown and Josh and Blaine played guitars and we sang some and Jordan snapped photos and Drew made us laugh and it was wonderful. 


In other news:
-I am breaking myself of the coffee addiction. Note: I did not say giving up coffee! Lawsamercy, it's sweet nectar of heaven. But after a rushed Monday when I did not have the usual morning cup and suffered from an acute, horrible, wrenching, eyeball searing headache all day - I decided that my codependence was unhealthy. So I'm slowly loosening the grip of the coffee bean, so that I can enjoy it, instead of need it to survive. 
-I am teaching a class on A Doll's House on Tuesday. Gulp. Excited/scared. 
-Fall break next weekend is much too early. But I'll enjoy it nonetheless. 
-Shannon makes me laugh harder than anyone except maybe Jim. 
-I've spent way too much time on this post. Time to work. 

This is the sound of all of us
Singing with love and the will to trust
Leave the rest behind it will turn to dust
This is the sound of all of us

-"One Voice," the Wailin' Jennys